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Admission Policy / Process

La Vega ECHS Admissions Policy

La Vega ISD Early College High School’s primary focus is providing students from underrepresented backgrounds (i.e. at-risk, low income and/or first generation college attendees) the opportunity to earn up to  60 college credits free of charge while attending high school. As a Texas Education Agency designated Early College High School, we must target students from underrepresented backgrounds; however, we encourage students of all backgrounds to apply.

Early College High School is available to any LVHS student that meets the criteria listed below:

  1. The student must have a desire to be a part of the ECHS program and explain this in writing.
  2. The student’s parent and/or guardian must want their child to be part of the program.
  3. Both the parent/guardian and the student must agree to abide by the standards of academic and behavioral expectations of ECHS.
  4. Both the parent/guardian and the student must agree to comply with all of the policies of the program including the Electronic Information Resource Agreement for issued devices.
  5. Both parent/guardian and student must agree that the ultimate goal is to graduate from La Vega ECHS with college credits as individually planned.

Note: In accordance with the Texas Education Agency rules for ECHS Blueprint Benchmark 1, academics, discipline, state assessments and/or teacher recommendations cannot be considered in the selection process.

La Vega ISD ECHS does not discriminate on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, transgender, disability, race, color, age or national origin as required by Title IX, Section 504 and Title VI.


La Vega ECHS Admissions Process

  1.  Both student and parent express a desire to pursue ECHS admission.
  2.  The LVECHS administrator, counselor and teachers conduct an in-depth orientation for junior high parents and students for a complete understanding of LVECHS. This orientation will cover the structure, goals, intent, and standard expectations of La Vega ISD and La Vega High School ECHS.
  3. Student and parent/guardian will then complete the ECHS application answering designated questions and will submit it in person or by mail to La Vega ECHS or a La Vega Middle School administrator.
  4. Review of the ECHS application is done blindly with all identifying information hidden from the selection committee. The selection committee may consist of central administration, campus administration, counselors, and teachers of the La Vega Early College High School and George Dixon Junior High.
  5.  Complete applications that meet the selection criteria are placed in a lottery pool from which students are chosen by random drawing to become a member of a future ECHS cohort .
  6. Selected applicants and their parents/guardians are notified by the Dean of Advanced Academics within two weeks following the lottery drawing.
  7. Parents/guardians and students have two weeks to notify the Dean of Advanced Academics of their acceptance or rejection to become a member of the Early College High School.
  8.  If it becomes necessary, a second random lottery drawing will be held to fill vacancies to fulfill the TEA agreed upon maximum cohort size.