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Bill Shuttlesworth » ECHS Expectations

ECHS Expectations


  • o Students will be expected to be engaged in learning from bell to bell.


o The bell does not dismiss students to go to the next class, the teacher dismisses the students.


o Cell phones will be secured in the pocket-holder upon entering each class. Any emergency call from a parent should be directed to the front receptionist, Mrs. Heemels, Dr. Hungate or Mrs. Cole and the student will be notified immediately.


o Dress code will be strictly enforced. Failing to become and to remain dress code compliant (including tights, warm ups, etc.) before first period will result in ISS placement. NO hoods on heads in the building. Slides will be held in the ECHS office until the end of the day if worn. Do not even bring them to school.


o A seating chart will be maintained for each classroom, arranged and maintained by the teacher.


o A student must be in the assigned seat ready for learning when the tardy bell rings in order to NOT be counted tardy. College students are often locked out of college classes for being late. Learn now.


o Students will be counted tardy coming late from band or athletics unless the coach or director sends an email excusing students from late release.


o Tardy students will be sent to Dr. Hungate for after school detention assignment for the first two weeks of school. Teachers will assign detention in weeks following. Excessive tardies will result in ISS and further progressive consequences.


o Students are expected to go to the restroom between classes and at lunch. Suggestion: Go to class, leave your backpack, etc., ask permission to go to the restroom/get a restroom pass, before the tardy bell, so the teacher will understand if you are seconds late. Emergencies will be allowed during class at the discretion of the teacher.


o No food in the classroom at any time. Water only may be kept for drinking. Students will not eat lunch in the classroom unless with prior approval from the administration. There is a reason: we have a rodent problem.


o Respect your fellow classmates, respect your teachers, and respect yourself.