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Bill Shuttlesworth » Pirates Practice ...

Pirates Practice ...

Prompt Responses:  

  • Be on Time
  • Enter the Classroom quietly and go to your assigned seat
  • Look for Today’s Objective and your assignment
  • When asked, move quickly and quietly when instructed



  • Be in your proper dress code
  • Bring all your materials and books
  • Bring assignments that are due



  • Following directions the first time
  • By staying on Task
  • Paying attention
  • Always give your best effort



  • By being nice or neutral to everyone
  • Not using foul language, talking back, teasing or bullying
  • Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself
  • Respect yourself, your classmates, your teachers, and the room



  • Wait your turn and be respectful
  • If you don’t like this activity, be patience – it will change soon
  • Listen and think first, then speak
  • And even if you know this content or skills, others around you may not; so be respectful.